WOOB2B Best Wholesale Platform with over 100+ B2B Features out of the Box

Having a presence in B2B can be a great way to increase your company’s revenue. B2B platforms give companies the opportunity to offer customized products and services to their customers, offer higher prices for wholesale sellers, and offer more competitive pricing on high-volume items. WOOB2B is based on the successful Woocommerce framework and is one of the best platforms that is currently available for adding B2B functions to your existing Woocommerce website.

The WOOB2B eCommerce solution gives businesses the ability to create multiple user accounts with different restrictions for pricing, viewing content, it can be very useful if you are running an online store that caters to two types of sales models; one which would like access to bulk pricing where they can order items in much larger quantities than normal shoppers (business-to-business), and another which is just a normal shopper who doesn’t need access to bulk prices.

Woocomerce B2B Solution provides you the flexibility of selling 1 item or up-sales with different configurations for different users. You can have the same product listing but with multiple pricing options for each user based on their role; you could even offer package deals if needed! This will mean you won’t need to worry about your business growth as the WOOB2B platform has you covered.

The WOOB2B eCommerce platform provides technical flexibility with ERP and Finance system integration and supports all the major payment gateways, it has some amazing 100+ B2B features out of the box. WOOB2B is one of the most user-friendly eCommerce building platforms online, and it’s not just beautiful but flexible too! You will be able to control pretty much everything on your site with great ease.

WOOB2B features the below coupled with digital services to ensure you are fully supported!

– The WOOB2B platform allows you to add subscription-based payment, so customers can pay month by month.

– You have the ability to change the name of your website for different users if needed. For example, some sellers may need a store name while others don’t need one, no problem with WOOB2B!

– Intelligent shipping calculator that will calculate cost on each product basis weight and destination.

– Built-in tax calculator which calculates tax on all items base on the location of the customer.

– Free stock management tool, allow you to easily see what stock you have left and can support multiple suppliers with ease. It has built-in complex pricing and billing rules to cater to any supplier for your B2B business.

– Addons feature allows third-party developers to add new functionality into the WOOB2B platform. Plus our customers can choose to add third-party plugins from thousands of Woocommerce developers to ensure the platform is feature-rich and scalable locally and globally.

– Access to over 40 payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, and many Banking systems globally.

– There is a page builder included in the backend of WOOB2B which makes it easy for our customers to create stunning pages without any coding knowledge! So if you want to create a page on your website there will be no need for hiring developers to do it anymore: view our demo store.

WOOB2B eCommerce platform is the ideal solution for customers that want to sell online and have technical flexibility in years to come, as integration with any third party system can be managed by our technical experts and developers.